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(P01-02) 786KB
Message from the President
(P03-04) 879KB
Environmental Loads Resulting from Business Operations and Environmental Targets for 2018 and Beyond
(P05-10) 1,246KB
Main Business Operations
(P05-06) 727KB
Main Financial Indicators
(P05-06) 727KB
Environmental Loads Resulting from Business Operations (FY2017)
(P07-08) 659KB
Medium-to-Long-Term Environmental Targets (FY2018 and Beyond)
(P09-10) 703KB
(P11-12) 945KB
Environmental Policy
(P13) 583KB
Kyuden Group Environmental Charter
(P13) 583KB
Environmental Action Policies
(P13) 583KB
Environmental Management
(P14) 567KB
Environmental Management
(P14) 567KB
Implementation System
(P14) 567KB
Management and Auditing of Environmental Activities
(P14) 567KB
FY2017 Environmental Activity Results
(P15-45) 6,877KB
Environmental Targets and Results of Kyushu Electric Power (Summary)
(P15-16) 568KB
(1) Initiatives to Address Global Environmental Issues
(P17-32) 3,979KB
Reducing CO2 Emissions
(P17-18) 684KB
Proactive Development and Full Adoption of Renewable Energy Options (P19-24) 1,907KB
Initiatives Toward “Low-Carbon” Coal-Fired Thermal Power Generation (P25-26) 770KB
Working with Customers to Conserve Energy and Reduce CO2 Emissions (P27) 591KB
Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Overall Supply Chain (P28) 521KB
Efficient Facilities Operation (P29-30) 576KB
Contribution to International Global Warming Mitigation Measures (P31-32) 1,415KB
(2) Initiatives to Establish a Recycling Society (P33-34) 601KB
Expanding Waste-Related Zero Emissions Initiatives (P33-34) 601KB
(3) Local Environment Preservation (P35-38) 1,512KB
Environmental Conservation Measures at Power Stations (P35-36) 657KB
Environmental Considerations When Building Facilities (P37) 870KB
Management of Water in Power Generation (P38) 852KB
(4) Collaborating with Communities (P39-44) 1,789KB
Kuju Bogatsuru Marshlands Environmental Preservation Activities (P39-40) 857KB
Preserving Biodiversity (P40-41) 865KB
Energy and Environmental Education for the Next Generation (P42-43) 843KB
Environment Month Initiatives (P44) 667KB
(5) Promoting Environmental Management (P45) 606KB
Preventing Violations of Environmental Laws/Regulations and Environmental Accidents (P45) 606KB
Raising Employee Environmental Awareness (P45) 606KB
Environment Communication (P46-47) 776KB
Dialogue with Investors/CDP Response/Awards (P46-47) 776KB
Environmental Data (P48-51) 746KB
Environmental Load Accompanying kyushu Electric Power's Business Operations (P48) 478KB
(1) Initiatives to Address Global Environmental Issues (P49-50) 587KB
(2) Initiatives to Establish a Recycling Society (P51) 518KB
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