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Editorial Policy/Environmental Action Report and Scope of Reporting (P01) 521KB
Contents (P02) 344KB
Message from the President (P03-04) 719KB
Special Feature#1 Supply and Demand Initiatives for Controlling CO2 Emissions (P05-06) 125KB
Special Feature#2 Cultivating a Heart for the Environment Among the Next Generation (P07-08) 530KB
2017 Environmental Action Report Highlights (P09-10) 2,571KB
1. Kyushu Electric Power Company Environmental Management (P11-26) 2,373KB
Kyushu Electric Power Group Environmental Charter /
Kyushu Electric Power Company Group Environmental Action Plan
(P11-12) 856KB
Implementation System (P12) 843KB
Business Operations and Environmental Load Status (FY2016) (P13-14) 122KB
Environmental Targets and Results (P15-16) 110KB
(1) Initiatives to Address Global Environmental Issues (P17-21) 997KB
Greenhouse Gas Emissions for FY2016 (P17) 149KB
Initiatives Aimed at Electrical Supply (P18-19) 273KB
Initiatives Aimed at Electrical Use (P20) 131KB
Contribution to International Global Warming Mitigation Measures (P21) 800KB
(2) Initiatives to Establish a Recycling-Oriented Society (P22) 201KB
Expanding Waste-Related Zero Emissions Initiatives (P22) 201KB
(3) Local Environmental Preservation (P23) 245KB
Environmentally-Conscious Facilities Creation /
Power Plants that Protect the Environment
(P23) 245KB
(4) Collaborating with Communities (P24-25) 495KB
Environmental Preservation Activities in the Kuju Bogatsuru Marshlands (P24) 336KB
Environmental Month Initiatives (P25) 198KB
(5) Promoting Environmental Management (P26) 199KB
Status of Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations /
Raising Employee Environmental Awareness
(P26) 199KB
2. Planning considering the Results of FY2016 (P27-28) 453KB
(FY2017 Kyushu Electric Power Company Group Environmental Action Plan) (P27-28) 453KB
Independent Review of the Environmental Action Report (P29) 40KB
Independent Review Report (P29) 40KB
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