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Kyushu: A Place for Foreign-funded Companies to Put Down Roots

As of the end of April 2006, 76 foreign enterprises have established operations in Kyushu. In the past, most were from the USA, followed by Germany and France, but in recent years, many enterprises from Korea, China and other Asian nations have become more active here. In April 2006, the first Indian company, an IT business, started operations here.

No. Country Company Name Field
1 USA SanikleenKyusyu Corporation*1 Services
2 USA Texas Instruments Incorporated Hiji Plant Electrical equipment manufacturing
3 USA Baxter Limited Miyazaki Plant Chemical manufacturing
4 USA Teradyne, Inc. Kumamoto Office Electrical equipment manufacturing
5 USA IBM Global Services Japan Seibu Solutions Company Information services
6 USA Molex Japan Co., Ltd. Kagoshima Plant Electrical equipment manufacturing
7 USA Oracle Corporation Japan Seibu Branch Office Information services
8 USA FedEx Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd. Retail and services
9 USA McAfee Co., Ltd.*1 Fukuoka Office Software
10 USA Boston Scientific in Japan/ Miyazaki Technology & Education Center*1 Medical equipment manufacturing
11 USA Costco Wholesale Japan, Inc. Hisayama Warehouse Store Retail
12 USA Sun Microsystems, Inc. Kyushu Branch Office Precision equipment
13 USA UPS Japan Fukuoka Center Transportation
14 USA Greene, Tweed & Co. Japan Asia Engineering Center Manufacturing
15 Germany Yashiki Trinikense Co., Ltd.*1 Recycling
16 Germany SAP Japan Co., Ltd. Kyushu Branch Office Information services
17 Germany Fresenius Medical Care Japan Buzen Plant Medical equipment manufacturing
18 Germany MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG. Japan Representative Office Manufacturing
19 Germany EDAG Japan Co., Ltd. Manufacturing
20 Germany Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Office Manufacturing
21 France AIR LIQUIDE Japan Ltd. Kyushu Regional Operations Sales of chemical products
22 France LAFARGE ROOFING, Ltd. Ceramics
23 France sanofi-aventis K.K. Fukuoka Branch Retail sales of medical and cosmetic products
24 France Inergy Automotive Systems K.K. Kyushu/Kitakyushu Plant Transportation equipment manufacturing
25 France Faurecia Nippatsu Kyushu K.K. Transportation equipment manufacturing
26 UK Cranfield University at Kitakyushu Information and environment
27 UK Orla Protein Technologies Ltd nanobiotechnology
28 Switzerland Zurich Insurance Company Fukuoka Office Insurance (non-life)
29 Switzerland Alcon Japan Ltd.*1 Medical equitment wholesale
30 The Netherlands SunAllomer Ltd. Oita Works Chemical manufacturing
31 Taiwan Evergreen Shipping Agency (Japan) Corporation Fukuoka Subsidiary Transportation
32 China China Jiangsu International Economic-Technical Cooperation Corporation Kyushu Office Services
33 Korea Posmetal Co., Ltd. Steel
34 India SRM Technology Pvt. Ltd. Software development

*1 : Japanese version only

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