overseas projects

By making the most of the technology and know-how that we have accumulated in Japan and abroad, we are developing our overseas electricity business centered on IPP projects, mainly in Asia where market growth is high.
[2030 goal for equity ownership in overseas electricity output: 5,000 MW (1,530MW as of 2017, 2,400MW as of 2021)]

Along with IPP projects, we are also actively providing consulting services in overseas markets, which forms an important pillar of our overseas electricity business.

Note: In April 2017,we made an organizational change where International Business Office of Kyushu Electric Power engages in overseas strategies and networking and Kyuden International Corporationopens in a new window focuses on overseas IPP investment activities and consulting services.
IPP Business
Please refer to the following website operated by Kyuden International Corporation.
Kyuden International Corporation


International Exchanges
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