Press Releace
August 28, 2015
Kyushu Electric Power Company Inc.
Changing Application of Pre Service Inspection of Sendai Nuclear Power Unit No.1

 Sendai Nuclear Power Unit No.1 has restarted generating electricity on August 14th, and been conducting the adjustment operation as 95% output. We are expecting that the plant will reach constant rated thermal power output operation on August 31st, and have a check of the inspection No.5, which comprehensively confirm the performance of the nuclear power station, on September 10th

 Based on that, we have changed application of Pre Service Inspection of Sendai Nuclear Power Unit No.1, which was applied on March 19th in this year, and submitted that to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

 We will continue to make sincerely an all-out effort to deal with the Nuclear Regulation Authority's inspections, and carry out carefully remaining process, putting utmost priority to safety.

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