Press Releace
October 14, 2015
Kyushu Electric Power Company Inc.
The Schedule of Startup and Restart Generating Electricity of Sendai Nuclear Power Unit No.2

 We hereby announce that as of today, Sendai Nuclear Power Unit No.2 (Pressurized Water Reactor, 890MW output), which is under the 20th periodic inspection, is expected to start up on October 15, and restart generating electricity on October 21.

 After restarting generating electricity, we will conduct the adjustment operation as increasing output gradually. Accordingly, the plant is expected to undergo the verifying the overall plant performance and return to the normal operation at the mid-November.

 We will conduct an inspection regarding a steam turbine security device when the turbine starts up before restarting generating electricity, because we checked precisely the device in this periodic inspection.

 We will continue to carry out carefully remaining inspections and operations, putting utmost priority to safety.

Turbine security device
The device that automatically block a flow of steam and stop a turbine to protect the turbine when an error occurs in an operating turbine such like turbine's rotation exceeding rated speed.
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