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Press Releace
June 13, 2017
Kyushu Electric Power Company Inc.
Court Rules on Requested Injunction against Restarts of Genkai Nuclear Power Station (Kyushu Electric Power Prevails in Court)

 At 10 a.m. today, Saga District Court handed down its decision on a request for an injunction against the restart of nuclear facilities belonging to Kyushu Electric Power.

 Seeking to halt the restart of Genkai Nuclear Power Station Units No. 3 and 4, the plaintiffs filed their case on July 7, 2011 and October 26, 2016.
 We had asked the court to deny the injunction. We had insisted that we confirmed the safety by evaluating and taking measures based on the latest knowledge with regard to securing safety of piping, and by formulating the standard seismic motion of Genkai Nuclear Power Station after through investigations and examinations to the regional characteristics.

 Saga District Court denied the injunction and said that it did not admit there was a lack of safety of Genkai Nuclear Power Station.
 The decision means the court recognizes Kyushu Electric Power's assertion. We believe the court made the correct decision.

 Kyushu Electric Power will continue our voluntary initiatives to further enhance safety and reliability and will make every effort to ensure the safety of Genkai Nuclear Power Station.

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