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Press Releace
May 28, 2018
Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Reapplication of Changes in Application of Pre-Operation Inspection and Reapplication of Approval for Trial Operation regarding Genkai Nuclear Power Station Unit No.4

 Regarding Genkai nuclear power station unit No.4, we had stopped the startup process and had been checking the seal portion of reactor coolant pump. After checking and recovering it, we confirmed the soundness of the pump and resumed startup process.

 Considering the coming startup process, we revised the pre-operation inspection process, and took the change procedure of the application for pre-operation inspection submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority(NRA) based on the Reactor Regulation Act, etc. today.

 In addition, in order to undergo the Inspection No.5, which is the final pre-operation inspection to confirm comprehensive performance, we have to carry out the trial operation from June 10, 2018 to the passing date of pre-operation inspection. Therefore, based on the Reactor Regulation Act, etc., we resubmitted the application of approval for trial operation to NRA.

 We will continue to make sincerely an all-out effort to deal with the Nuclear Regulation Authority's inspections, and carry out restart process of commercial operation carefully.

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