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Press Releace
March 29, 2007
Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Establishment of new corporate philosophy “Kyushu Electric Power's Mission”

Kyushu Electric Power Company has supported customers' lives and contributed to community development through stable electricity supply for more than 50 years since our establishment in 1951. We highly appreciate the public trust and the relations of trust we have cultivated with our customers as our significant assets.

We project that in near future, customers will be able to choose their energy sources more freely and the competition in energy market will grow fiercer. We also recognize the increasing changes in the society ranging from serious global environmental problems and energy resource issues to diversified life styles.

In accordance with the changing social needs and business environment, we have discussed how to strengthen our customers' trust in our faithful business operation, in the view of what would be a bond which we can share with our customers for a long term and established “Kyushu Electric Power's Mission” to replace our current “Corporate Philosophy”.

[ Kyushu Electric Power's Mission ] (excerpt)

Enlighten Our Future

Towards a comfortable and environment-friendly lifestyle
today and for generations to come

This represents our determination to provide steady and reliable energy unchangeable even in this changing times and promote comfortable and environment-friendly lives of customers.

We will continuously strive to enhance communication with customers with the aim of realizing this “Kyushu Electric Power's Mission.”

[New corporate logo]

Kyushu Electric Power's Mission

“Enlighten Our Future”

Towards a comfortable and environment-friendly lifestyle
today and for generations to come.

To fulfill this mission, we are dedicated to achieving the following 4 goals:

1. Steady and reliable, Earth-friendly energy.
In order for our customers to lead harmonious lives we will provide steady and reliable, Earth-friendly energy, while anticipating global trends and making full use of our advanced technology and abundant experience with energy and the environment.
2. Services that truly satisfy.
We will offer services that place the gaining of trust from the customer as top priority. We would like to listen to the various voices of our customers in order to respond to their needs with services that truly satisfy.
3. In company with Kyushu. And to Asia and the world.
In company with the people of Kyushu, we will work together to take action while thinking of our children's future and of the prosperity of the region. And from there, we will look to Asia and the world.
4. Discovering solutions, and putting them into practice.
We will discover solutions that lead to a better tomorrow through honest, sincere and active discussions, believing in people's potential and mutually respecting personalities, and we will put these solutions into practice.
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