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Information on our Sustainability initiatives

President’s message

A message on sustainability from our president and CEO Kazuhiro Ikebe.

Value Creation Process

Value Creation Process


Implementing actions as a team, the Kyuden Group will pursue environmental management to balance our business activities with environmental preservation, and thereby help realize a sustainable society.

  • addressing global environmental issues
  • collaborating with communities
  • establish a recycling-society
  • local environmental preservation
  • promoting environmental management


Promoting business activities and social initiatives that contribute to finding solutions for social and regional problems and together as a community head forward.

  • Prioritizing safety and health
  • promoting diversity among employees
  • empowering women to achieve more
  • improving working conditions for the elderly
  • employing people with disabilities
  • a healthy work-life balance for all our employees


It is a top management priority to strengthen corporate governance to ensure that we do business properly.

  • corporate governance
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • board of directors
  • business risk