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How we handle your personal information

How we handle your personal information based upon our basic personal information protection policy.

Based on laws regarding the protection of personal information, as well as those regarding the use of specific personal identification numbers for administrative procedures, in addition to other pertinent regulations and our own basic Protection of Personal Information policy, Kyushu Electric Company is committed to protecting your personal information in an appropriate manner*, as well as making public the various procedures for requesting disclosure of personal data** for the purpose of sharing personal information.
Kyushu Electric Company is always committed to handling your personal information in the most appropriate manner, and we kindly thank you for your support.

*Information used to identify specific, living individuals.
**The business handling personal information has the authority to disclose, or issue a certificate to add, erase, or cease usage of personal data.

Basic policy on the protection of personal information

At Kyushu Electric Power, we recognize the importance of the rights and interests of our customers, so in order handle your personal information appropriately (Note 1), we have established a basic Protection of Personal Information policy which is disseminated to executive officers and employees of Kyushu Electric Power, ensuring appropriate protection of personal information.

  1. Laws and guidelines regarding personal information, other social norms, and Kyushu Electric Power's rules and regulations regarding the protection and management of personal information, as well as other regulations, will be strictly observed.
  2. Based on our Basic Policy Regarding Information Security, while managing personal information in an appropriate manner, we will carry out safety measures to manage the risk of unauthorized access or damage to, as well as leakage or loss of, your personal information.
  3. Your personal information will be handled in the following ways.
    1. Disclosure, Notification and Specification of the purpose of use will be made.
      We will concretely specify, as much as possible, the usage purpose of your personal information. When obtaining your personal information, we will either disclose the usage purpose in advance, or we will notify you as soon as possible after it has been collected.
    2. Acquisition and Handling
      Your personal information will be acquired through proper means and it will be used for a specific purpose. However, when we receive an individual’s personal ID Number (‘My Number’) (Note 2) we will confirm this information with you. Furthermore, when this information is no longer necessary, your personal identification number will be promptly discarded or deleted.
    3. Providing Information to Third Parties
      Except for the following cases, your personal data (Note 1) will not be provided to third parties. Excluding cases where stipulated by law, your personal number will not be provided to third parties.
      • When we have the consent of the Contract Holder.
      • When obtaining the consent of the Contract Holder is difficult, due to the necessity of protecting the Contract Holder’s life, body or property.
      • When cooperation with national organizations or local public entities, or the people entrusted with carrying out their duties, as specified by the pertinent laws and regulations, is deemed necessary, but obtaining the consent of the Contract Holder risks causing trouble to those tasked with performing the relevant duties.
      • When providing your personal information in accordance with business succession procedures.
      • When providing your personal information within the scope deemed necessary for the achievement of usage purposes.
      • When sharing your personal information with a third party is accepted on the basis of other laws and regulations.
    4. Dealing With Notification and Disclosure Requests
      Whether it is regarding purpose of use; data disclosure, revision, addition, or deletion; stopping usage, erasure, or stopping information sharing with third parties, when we receive a request from you regarding your personal data in our possession (Note 4), as a rule, we aim to respond to it without delay.
  4. We will make regular reviews to our system, and will strive for improvements in how we protect personal data.
  5. In cases where major complaints have been made against top management, while trying to solve them by ourselves, in the process of investigating the cause, corrective measures will be taken immediately. While striving to prevent a relapse, we will promptly and accurately make this information available to the public. In addition, we will also establish a system to deal with complaints regarding our handling of personal information in a rapid and appropriate manner.

(Note 1) As defined by the Personal Information Protection Law (Act No. 57, enacted 2003)
(Note 2) Refers to an individual’s Personal Number (known in Japan as "My Number") stipulated in the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (Act No.27, enacted 2013).
(Note 3) Refers to personal information used to create a personal information database which is systematically organized for search engines
(Note 4) Personal Data of which handling entities have the authority to disclose, add to, erase, revise, or cease usage.