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How we handle your personal information

How your personal information is used by us

The Purpose of Use for Your Personal Information
(Re: Article 21, Section 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information)

The personal information we handle will be used only to the extent necessary for the following purposes: to execute and fulfill contracts, to create and maintain assets and facilities, to develop and improve products and services, to send information such as direct mailings regarding our products and services and those of our group companies, and to perform other related tasks in the following businesses, as described in Kyushu Electric Power Company's Articles of Incorporation.

  1. Electricity services
  2. The manufacture, sale, lease, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment, thermal storage air conditioning and hot water supply equipment, and other equipment instrumental to the leveling of electricity demand or the efficient use of electricity
  3. Heat supply services
  4. Telecommunications services
  5. The development, sale, and lease of data processing and information provision services and software
  6. The survey, design, construction, and supervision of work in telecommunications, electricity, civil engineering and construction
  7. The development, mining, processing, sales, purchase, and transportation of energy resources
  8. Gas supply services
  9. Nursing care services and nursing home management
  10. The disposal and recycling of general and industrial waste, as well as the sale of recycled products
  11. Housing performance evaluation and warranty services
  12. Air transportation services
  13. The sales and rental of books and audio/visual software
  14. The production and sale of concrete products
  15. The production, processing and sales of agricultural, forestry and marine products
  16. General insurance agencies and life insurance solicitation services
  17. The sale, purchase, lease and management of real estate as well as real estate investment advisory services
  18. The engineering, consulting, and sale of technology and know-how related to each of the preceding items
  19. Incidental services related to each of the preceding items
  20. Investment in other companies as required for management purposes

(Note) For information on how we handle the personal information of our shareholders, please see "Handling of Personal Information of Shareholders".