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How we handle your personal information

How your personal information is used by us

Use of personal information (pertaining to article 18-1)

The terms under which personal information is used are defined in Kyushu Electric Power’s Articles of Incorporation, and will be used in a scope deemed necessary in order to conduct business, such as the commencement and fulfilment of contracts, the building and preserving of assets and facilities, the development and improvement of services, as well as when giving information via direct mail relating to products and services of Kyushu Electric Power or those of Kyushu Electric Power group subsidiaries, and this shall be so in relation to the following areas of business:

  1. Electricity industry
  2. Electrical machinery and equipment as well as thermal storage air conditioning, water heaters and other demand for electricity equalization.
  3. Heating supply business
  4. Telecom business
  5. Data processing, information services and software development, sales and leases.
  6. Telecommunications, electrical construction, civil engineering and construction investigations, planning, construction and construction supervision.
  7. Development of energy resources, mining, manufacturing, buying and selling as well as transportation.
  8. Gas supply business.
  9. Care giving service industry as well as retirement home businesses.
  10. Domestic and industrial waste processing, as well as the reuse and selling of recyclables.
  11. Housing evaluation and guarantee industry.
  12. Aviation transportation business.
  13. The sale / rental of books, audio or video.
  14. The production and sale of concrete goods.
  15. Engineering in relation to any of the items listed above, consulting as well as the engineer or software sales.
  16. The sale, lease and management of real estate.
  17. Any businesses related to the items listed above.
  18. Investment in to another company deemed necessary for business.

In regards to the use of personal information of shareholders, please refer to ‘Use of Shareholder Personal Information’.