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How we handle your personal information

Our Security Control Measures for Your Personal Information

We will always strive to handle personal information in an appropriate manner, under the following security control measures.

1 Basic Policy Formulation

In recognition of the importance of individual rights and interests, and in order to properly handle personal data, we have formulated a basic policy for the protection of personal information.
While ensuring that all directors, employees, and others are informed of this policy, we strive to protect personal information in an appropriate manner.

2 Establishing Regulations for Handling Personal Data

We have established rules for handling personal information. These regulations include the methods of its acquisition, the responsible parties or persons in charge of it, and their duties at each stage of the acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion or disposal of personal data.

3 Organizational Security Control Measures

In addition to appointing parties responsible for the handling of personal data, we have established systems for clarifying which employees handle it and the scope of the information they handle, as well as for reporting to the party responsible when actual or suspected violations of the law or handling regulations are detected.
Periodic self-inspections of the status of personal information handling, as well as audits by an internal auditing organization, are also conducted.

4 Human Security Control Measures

Our employees are regularly provided with education and training on points to keep in mind when handling personal data, and confidentiality obligations regarding personal data are also stipulated in the employment regulations.

5 Physical Security Control Measures

In areas handling personal data, we have implemented employee access controls, restricting the equipment and other items they may bring in, while taking measures to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing personal data.
Measures also taken to prevent the theft or loss of equipment, electronic media, and documents that handle personal data, as well as to ensure that personal data is not easily revealed when the equipment or electronic media that handle personal data are carried, including when they are moved inside the office where such data is handled.

6 Technical Security Control Measures

Access restrictions have been implemented in order to limit the extent to which your personal information is handled by those in charge of personal information databases.
There is also a mechanism in place to protect the information systems that handle personal data from unauthorized external access.