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What’s new

May 11, 2022 Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.

Kyushu Electric Power launched a new subsidiary for LNG trading

 Toward realization of carbon-neutral society, the demand for LNG as a transition energy is expected to increase globally in various industrial areas including bunkering and fuel conversion.

 In response to such demand growth, Kyushu Electric Power hereby announces that it has launched a new subsidiary dedicated to supply to emerging demand, aiming at contribution to materializing low-carbon society by way of LNG supply.

1. Business Overview

  • Supply LNG utilizing our assets including LNG vessels and storage terminals, as well as our trading capabilities cumulated in the past, to meet various requirement from LNG customers.
  • In parallel, the function of balancing and optimization is transferred to the new subsidiary to integrate delivery scheduling and balancing in incremental demand and existing demand.

2. Corporate Overview

(1) Name
Q United Energy Supply & Trading Co. ("QUEST")
(2) Purpose
Sale and purchase and transportation of energy resources including LNG
(3) Date of incorporation
April 21, 2022
(4) Location
Fukuoka, Japan
(5) Shareholder
100% subsidiary of Kyushu Electric Power Co.
(6) Paid-in capital
10,000,000 JPY
(7) Representative
Takashi Mitsuyoshi (Managing Director and CEO)
(8) Company Logo