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Business hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

  • Sales offices are closed over the New Year’s holiday (from December 29 to January 3).
  • In the event of an urgent inquiry, for example concerning power outages, sales offices may be contacted by phone outside of the above hours.
  • Calls to sales office phone numbers are toll-free.
  • Calls to sales offices are answered by a call center.
  • Calls are recorded to ensure that reception staff have an accurate understanding of customers’ requests and inquiries. Recordings are deleted within six months.

Fukuoka prefecture (Kitakyushu district)

Kokura sales office
Address 2-3-1, Kome-machi, Kokura-kita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, 802-8524
Responsible district [Kitakyushu-shi] Kokura-kita-ku, Kokura-minami-ku, Moji-ku, Tobata-ku
Phone 0120-986-101
Yahata sales office
Address 1-19-1, Nishihommachi, Yahata-higashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, 805-0061
Responsible district [Kitakyushu-shi] Yahata-higashi-ku, Yahata-nishi-ku, Wakamatsu-ku, Part of Tobata-ku; Nakama-shi; Onga-gun; Part of Kurate-machi (Kurate-gun)
Phone 0120-986-102
Yukuhashi sales office
Address 420-1, Kusano, Yukuhashi-shi, 824-0061
Responsible district Yukuhashi-shi; Buzen-shi; Miyako-gun; Chikujo-gun
Phone 0120-986-103
Iizuka sales office
Address 23-32, Shin-iizuka, Iizuka-shi, 820-8512
Responsible district Iizuka-shi; Nogata-shi; Miyawaka-shi; Kama-shi; Kurate-gun; Part of Fukuchi-machi (Tagawa-gun); Part of Sasaguri-machi (Kasuya-gun); Keisen-machi (Kaho-gun); Part of Chikuzen-machi (Asakura-gun)
Phone 0120-986-104
Tagawa sales office
Address 1639-5, Nara, Tagawa-shi, 826-8529
Responsible district Tagawa-shi; Tagawa-gun
Phone 0120-986-105

Fukuoka prefecture (Fukuoka district)

Fukuma sales office
Address 6-14-1, Chuo, Fukutsu-shi, 811-3217
Responsible district Munakata-shi; Fukutsu-shi; Koga-shi; Part of Shingu-machi (Kasuya-gun)
Phone 0120-986-203
Fukuoka-higashi sales office
Address 2-19-12, Najima, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 813-8513
Responsible district [Fukuoka-shi] Higashi-ku, Part of Hakata-ku; Part of Miyawaka-shi; Part of Shingu-machi (Kasuya-gun); Hisayama-machi (Kasuya-gun); Kasuya-machi (Kasuya-gun); Part of Sasaguri-machi (Kasuya-gun);Shime-machi (Kasuya-gun); Sue-machi (Kasuya-gun); Part of Umi-machi (Kasuya-gun)
Phone 0120-986-204
Fukuoka sales office
Address 2-1-82, Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 810-0004
Responsible district [Fukuoka-shi] Part of Chuo-ku, Part of Minami-ku, Part of Hakata-ku ; Part of Nakagawa-machi (Chikushi-gun)
Phone 0120-986-205
Fukuoka-nishi sales office
Address 1-9-20, Meinohamaeki-minami, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 819-8504
Responsible district [Fukuoka-shi] Jonan-ku, Part of Sawara-ku, Nishi-ku, Part of Chuo-ku,Part of Minami-ku; Itoshima-shi
Phone 0120-986-206
Fukuoka-minami sales office
Address 1-6-5, Futsukaichi-nishi, Chikushino-shi, 818-0071
Responsible district Chikushino-shi; [Fukuoka-shi] Part of Hakata-ku, Part of Minami-ku, Part of Sawara-ku; Part of Iizuka-shi; Kasuga-shi; Onojo-shi; Dazaifu-shi; Part of Ogori-shi; Part of Umi-machi (Kasuya-gun); Part of Nakagawa-machi (Chikushi-gun); Part of Chikuzen-machi (Asakura-gun); Part of Yoshinogari-cho (Kanzaki-gun, Saga Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-207
Amagi sales office
Address 1979-1, Amagi, Asakura-shi, 838-0068
Responsible district Part of Asakura-shi; Part of Chikushino-shi; Part of Ogori-shi; Part of Soeda-machi (Tagawa-gun); Part of Chikuzen-machi (Asakura-gun); Part of Toho-mura (Asakura-gun); Part of Tachiarai-machi (Mitsui-gun)
Phone 0120-986-208
Kurume sales office
Address 30-6, Harankoga-machi, Kurume-shi, 830-0046
Responsible district Part of Kurume-shi; Part of Asakura-shi; Ukiha-shi; Part of Chikugo-shi; Part of Okawa-shi; Part of Ogori-shi; Part of Tachiarai-machi (Mitsui-gun); Part of Hirokawa-machi (Yame-gun); Part of Oki-machi (Mizuma-gun); Part of Miyaki-cho (Miyaki-gun, Saga Pref.); Part of Maetsue-machi (Hita-shi, Oita Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-209
Yame sales office
Address 467, Higashiura, Yabara-cho, Moto-machi, Yame-shi, 834-0031
Responsible district Part of Kurume-shi; Yame-shi; Part of Chikugo-shi; Part of Hirokawa-machi (Yame-gun); Part of Setaka-machi (Miyama-shi); Part of Oki-machi (Mizuma-gun); Part of Yamaga-shi (Kumamoto Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-210
Omuta sales office
Address 2-9-20, Shiranuhi-machi, Omuta-shi, 836-0843
Responsible district Part of Omuta-shi; Part of Chikugo-shi; Part of Miyama-shi; Part of Yanagawa-shi; Part of Arao-shi (Kumamoto Pref.); Part of Nankan-machi (Tamana-gun, Kumamoto Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-211

Saga prefecture

Karatsu sales office
Address 18, Shinko-machi, Karatsu-shi, 847-0816
Responsible district Karatsu-shi; Higashimatsuura-gun; Part of Imari-shi; Part of Matsuura-shi (Nagasaki Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-301
Tosu sales office
Address 3-29-1, Akiba-machi, Tosu-shi, 841-0036
Responsible district Tosu-shi; Miyaki-gun; Part of Yoshinogari-cho (Kanzaki-gun); [Fukuoka Pref.] Part of Chikushino-shi, Part of Ogori-shi, Part of Kurume-shi
Phone 0120-986-302
Saga sales office
Address 2-3-6, Kono-higashi, Saga-shi, 840-0804
Responsible district Saga-shi; Kanzaki-shi; Ogi-shi; Taku-shi; Part of Kamimine-cho (Miyaki-gun); Kanzaki-gun; Part of Kouhoku-machi (Kishima-gun); Part of Kurume-shi; Part of Okawa-shi (Fukuoka Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-303
Takeo sales office
Address 776, Showa, Takeo-cho, Takeo-shi, 843-8555
Responsible district Takeo-shi; Imari-shi; Ureshino-shi; Kashima-shi; Arita-cho (Nishimatsuura-gun); Kishima-gun; Tara-cho (Fujitsu-gun); Part of Higashisonogi-cho (Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-304

Nagasaki prefecture

Tsushima power distribution office
Address 61-2, Higashizato, Izuhara-machi, Tsushima-shi, 817-0016
Responsible district Tsushima-shi
Phone 0120-986-201
Iki power distribution office
Address 427-4, Moroyoshioishifure, Ashibe-cho, Iki-shi, 811-5316
Responsible district Iki-shi
Phone 0120-986-202
Hirado sales office
Address 1502-2, Iwanoue-cho, Hirado-shi, 859-5121
Responsible district Hirado-shi; Matsuura-shi (except for Takashima-cho and Fukushima-cho); [Sasebo-shi] north area of Yoshii-cho, Emukae-cho, Shikamachi-cho
Phone 0120-986-401
Sasebo sales office
Address 4-12, Fukuishi-cho, Sasebo-shi, 857-8558
Responsible district Sasebo-shi; Part of Saikai-shi; Saza-cho (Kitamatsuura-gun)
Phone 0120-986-402
Omura sales office
Address 13, Higashisanjo-cho, Omura-shi, 856-0826
Responsible district Omura-shi; Isahaya-shi; Part of Nagasaki-shi; Higashisonogi-gun; Part of Arita-cho (Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Pref.); Part of Unzen-shi
Phone 0120-986-403
Shimabara sales office
Address 1-1207-1, Jonai, Shimabara-shi, 855-0036
Responsible district Shimabara-shi; Unzen-shi; Minamishimabara-shi
Phone 0120-986-404
Nagasaki sales office
Address 3-19, Shiroyama-machi, Nagasaki-shi, 852-8510
Responsible district Nagasaki-shi; Part of Saikai-shi; Part of Isahaya-shi; [Nishisonogi-gun] Nagayo-cho, Togitsu-cho
Phone 0120-986-405
Goto sales office
Address 5-11, Kon’ya-machi, Goto-shi, 853-0016
Responsible district Goto-shi; Part of Sasebo-shi; Part of Saikai-shi; Ojika-cho (Kitamatsuura-gun); Shinkamigoto-cho (Minamimatsuura-gun)
Phone 0120-986-406

Oita prefecture

Nakatsu sales office
Address 1-2-5, Chuo-machi, Nakatsu-shi, 871-8502
Responsible district Nakatsu-shi; Bungotakada-shi; Usa-shi; Part of Beppu-shi; Part of Kitsuki-shi; Part of Kunisaki-shi; Part of Kusu-machi (Kusu-gun); Part of Koge-machi (Chikujo-gun, Fukuoka Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-501
Hita sales office
Address 586-1, Tamagawa-machi, Hita-shi, 877-0071
Responsible district Hita-shi; Kusu-gun; Part of Yufu-shi; Part of Aso-shi (Kumamoto Pref.); [Aso-gun, Kumamoto Pref.] Oguni-machi, Minamioguni-machi
Phone 0120-986-502
Beppu sales office
Address 4-33, Mochigahama-cho, Beppu-shi, 874-0924
Responsible district Beppu-shi; Kunisaki-shi; Kitsuki-shi; Part of Oita-shi; Part of Yufu-shi; Part of Usa-shi; Hayami-gun; Higashikunisaki-gun
Phone 0120-986-503
Oita sales office
Address 2-3-4, Kanaike-machi, Oita-shi, 870-0026
Responsible district Oita-shi; Part of Beppu-shi; Part of Yufu-shi; Part of Bungoono-shi
Phone 0120-986-504
Mie sales office
Address 437, Okinota, Miemachiichiba, Bungoono-shi, 879-7131
Responsible district Bungoono-shi; Part of Usuki-shi; Taketa-shi; Part of Saiki-shi; Part of Aso-shi (Kumamoto Pref.); Ubuyama-mura (Aso-gun, Kumamoto Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-505
Saiki sales office
Address 2-6-53, Ekimae, Saiki-shi, 876-0803
Responsible district Saiki-shi; Part of Oita-shi; Usuki-shi; Tsukumi-shi
Phone 0120-986-506

Kumamoto prefecture

Tamana sales office
Address 90-1, Maeda, Kamenoko, Tamana-shi, 865-0015
Responsible district Tamana-shi; Yamaga-shi; Part of Arao-shi; Part of Koshi-shi; [Kumamoto-shi] Part of Kita-ku, Part of Nishi-ku; Tamana-gun; Part of Omuta-shi (Fukuoka Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-601
Ozu sales office
Address 1147, Ozu, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, 869-1233
Responsible district Kikuchi-gun; Part of Yamaga-shi; Kikuchi-shi; Aso-shi; Part of Koshi-shi; Part of Kita-ku (Kumamoto-shi); [Aso-gun] Part of Minamioguni-machi, Takamori-machi, Minamiaso-mura, Nishihara-mura; [Kamimashiki-gun] Part of Mashiki-machi,Part of Yamato-cho; Part of Taketa-shi (Oita Pref.); Part of Takachiho-cho (Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-602
Kumamoto-nishi sales office
Address 2-12-10, Kamikumamoto, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, 860-0079
Responsible district [Kumamoto-shi] Part of Chuo-ku, Part of Kita-ku, Part of Nishi-ku; Part of Koshi-shi; Part of Kikuyo-machi (Kikuchi-gun)
Phone 0120-986-603
Kumamoto-higashi sales office
Address 1-6-36, Kamisuizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, 862-0951
Responsible district [Kumamoto-shi] Part of Chuo-ku, Part of Nishi-ku, Part of Higashi-ku, Part of Minami-ku; Kamimashiki-gun; Misato-machi (Shimomashiki-gun)
Phone 0120-986-604
Uki sales office
Address 1325, Matsubase, Matsubase-machi, Uki-shi, 869-0502
Responsible district Uki-shi; Part of Minami-ku (Kumamoto-shi); Uto-shi; Part of Kamiamakusa-shi
Phone 0120-986-605
Yatsushiro sales office
Address 4-38, Shioya-machi, Yatsushiro-shi, 866-0864
Responsible district Yatsushiro-shi; Part of Uki-shi; Minamata-shi; Part of Misato-machi (Shimomashiki-gun); Yatsushiro-gun; Ashikita-gun; Part of Kuma-mura (Kuma-gun); [Kagoshima Pref.] Part of Izumi-shi, Part of Isa-shi
Phone 0120-986-606
Amakusa sales office
Address 16-40, Maruo-machi, Amakusa-shi, 863-8555
Responsible district Amakusa-shi; Part of Kamiamakusa-shi; Amakusa-gun
Phone 0120-986-607
Hitoyoshi sales office
Address 35, Itsuka-machi, Hitoyoshi-shi, 868-0035
Responsible district Hitoyoshi-shi; Part of Yatsushiro-shi; Kuma-gun
Phone 0120-986-608

Miyazaki prefecture

Nobeoka sales office
Address 96-2, Higashihonkoji, Nobeoka-shi, 882-0813
Responsible district Nobeoka-shi; Part of Kadogawa-cho (Higashiusuki-gun); Nishiusuki-gun;Part of Saiki-shi (Oita Pref.); Part of Yamato-cho (Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-701
Hyuga sales office
Address 1-112, Kita-machi, Hyuga-shi, 883-8588
Responsible district Hyuga-shi; [Higashiusuki-gun] Kadogawa-cho, Misato-cho, Morotsuka-son, Shiiba-son; [Koyu-gun] Part of Kijo-cho, Part of Tsuno-cho
Phone 0120-986-702
Takanabe sales office
Address 3492-4, Daishogunshita, Kitatakanabe, Takanabe-cho, Koyu-gun, 884-0002
Responsible district Koyu-gun; Part of Hyuga-shi; Saito-shi; Part of Miyazaki-shi; Part of Shiiba-son (Higashiusuki-gun)
Phone 0120-986-703
Miyazaki sales office
Address 4-2-23, Tachibana-dori-nishi, Miyazaki-shi, 880-8544
Responsible district Miyazaki-shi; Part of Kobayashi-shi; Part of Miyakonojo-shi; Higashimorokata-gun; Part of Kitago-cho (Nichinan-shi); Part of Mimata-cho (Kitamorokata-gun)
Phone 0120-986-704
Miyakonojo sales office
Address 33-5, Himegi-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, 885-8585
Responsible district Miyakonojo-shi; Kobayashi-shi; Ebino-shi; Nishimorokata-gun; Kitamorokata-gun; Part of Miyazaki-shi; [Kagoshima Pref.] Part of Kirishima-shi, Part of Soo-shi
Phone 0120-986-705
Nichinan sales office
Address 1-8-8, Chuo-dori, Nichinan-shi, 887-0021
Responsible district Nichinan-shi; Kushima-shi; Part of Shibushi-shi (Kagoshima Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-706

Kagoshima prefecture

Izumi sales office
Address 25-1, Showa-machi, Izumi-shi, 899-0202
Responsible district Izumi-shi; Akune-shi; Izumi-gun; Part of Minamata-shi (Kumamoto Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-801
Sendai sales office
Address 6-26, Nishimukouda-cho, Satsumasendai-shi, 895-8686
Responsible district Satsumasendai-shi; Ichikikushikino-shi; Satsuma-gun
Phone 0120-986-802
Kirishima sales office
Address 1-50, Kokubunoguchi-higashi, Kirishima-shi, 899-4341
Responsible district Kirishima-shi; Aira-shi; Isa-shi; Part of Satsumasendai-shi; Part of Satsuma-cho (Satsuma-gun); Part of Kagoshima-shi; Part of Tarumizu-shi; Part of Soo-shi; Aira-gun; [Miyazaki Pref.] Part of Ebino-shi, Part of Miyakonojo-shi
Phone 0120-986-803
Kagoshima sales office
Address 2-6-16, Yojiro, Kagoshima-shi, 890-8558
Responsible district Kagoshima-shi; Ibusuki-shi; Part of Satsumasendai-shi; Part of Aira-shi; Part of Hioki-shi; Part of Ichikikushikino-shi; Part of Minamikyushu-shi; [Kagoshima-gun] Mishima-mura, Toshima-mura
Phone 0120-986-804
Kaseda sales office
Address 1-5, Kasedajitosho-cho, Minamisatsuma-shi, 897-0008
Responsible district Minamisatsuma-shi; Part of Kagoshima-shi; Part of Hioki-shi; Makurazaki-shi; Part of Minamikyushu-shi
Phone 0120-986-805
Kanoya sales office
Address 2-3792-5, Fudamoto, Kanoya-shi, 893-0013
Responsible district Kanoya-shi; Part of Kagoshima-shi; Soo-shi; Tarumizu-shi; Shibushi-shi; Soo-gun; Kimotsuki-gun; Part of Miyakonojo-shi (Miyazaki Pref.)
Phone 0120-986-806
Kumage power distribution office
Address 211-1, Kamome-cho, Nishinoomote-shi, 891-3116
Responsible district Nishinoomote-shi; [Kumage-gun] Nakatane-cho, Minamitane-cho, Part of Yakushima-cho
Phone 0120-986-807
Amami power distribution office
Address 6-1, Nazenagahama-cho, Amami-shi, 894-0036
Responsible district Amami-shi; Oshima-gun
Phone 0120-986-808