Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information

Kyuden group environmental charter

The Kyuden Group recognizes, as a corporate group whose operations impact the environment, that we need to demonstrate a sincere commitment to caring for the environment.
That is why environmental preservation is a key business focus and why environmental management is promoted across all of our operations, ensuring that the growth of our business does not come at the expense of the environment. And, in order to concretely express our attitude towards, and guiding principles for, environmental action, we have established the Kyuden Group Environmental Charter.

Kyuden Group Environmental Charter
—A Commitment to Environmentally-Friendly Corporate Activity—

The Kyuden Group develops globally-focused initiatives geared towards protecting the earth’s environment and cultivating harmonious local coexistence in order to achieve a more sustainable society.

  1. We seek appropriate responses to global environmental challenges and to make effective use of resources so that our business activities will contribute to a better future.
  2. We strive for harmonious coexistence with society by engaging in activities which will enrich local environments.
  3. We work to raise environmental awareness and to become a corporate group that earns the trust of its customers.
  4. We are proactive about disclosing environmental information and facilitating communication with the community.
Enacted April 2008