Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information

Environmental management

Every year, based on the Kyuden Group Environmental Charter, we draw up our Environmental Action Plan for steady environment management. These plans are composed of initiatives at Kyushu Electric Power and at group companies, and each of these is made up of an environmental action policy, environmental targets, and a speci c action plan. (For the FY2018 action plan)
The Kyuden Group is continually working to improve and bolster the content of our initiatives, through steps such as analysis, evaluation, and review of environmental activities based on the PDCA cycle.

Environmental Management PDCA Diagram

Implementation system

We have created an implementation system which is linked directly with management, as well as established an assessment system overseen by outside experts.

Management and Auditing of Environmental Activities

A progress report on implementation of environmental activities in the first half of the fiscal year is made to the Environmental Committee, and effectiveness is improved by incorporating that feedback into initiatives for the second half.
Also, compliance with environmental laws and regulations is periodically checked as part of an operating audit, and a system has been put in place for checking and follow-up.