Information on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives


Enhancing the working environment for older workers, hiring people with disabilities

Enhancing the working environment for older workers

We introduced the “career employee program” in FY2015 to reframe the thinking about workers over 60 years-old and to create an environment where they are more motivated then ever before. We see older workers as “valuable employees with vast experience and sophisticated knowledge and skills” and are seeking to expand the reemployment program.

We are also providing wide-ranging support to older workers through the “career bank program” that contracts out work to employees who have retired based on their preference, the “reemployment support service”, to which helps people find work outside the company, and a program for employees to take leave to prepare for reemployment.

We want to enhance our employment policy for older workers by expanding the roles that older workers play in the company, as well as help them develop compatible attitudes toward their work.

Hiring people with disabilities

We believe in creating a society that enables people with disabilities to work in the region as active members of society. We are working as a group to hire people with disabilities to realize this inclusive society.

Our special subsidiary, Kyushu jimaku housou kyoudou seisaku center Co., Ltd., is especially committed to expanding roles for people with disabilities while also making information barrier-free through the work of adding subtitles.

Hiring people with disabilities

Inclusive workplace
(Kyushu jimaku housou kyoudou seisaku center Co., Ltd.)