Information on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives


Promoting the empowerment of women

As the business environment continues to change, diverse perspectives and ideas need to be incorporated. We are working to develop an environment in which women can continue to actively engage with their work and career. We believe that this will lead to an environment that will allow everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability or life events they encounter, to achieve their full potential.

Specific women empowerment measures
Raising awareness,
fostering workplace culture
  • Message from the President
  • Utilization of internal communication(TV)
  • Disseminating information through the company Intranet “Tri-net”
    ・Introducing senior female employees as role models
    ・Introducing initiatives implemented within the company
    ・Introducing information from outside the company and information on seminars
  • Getting the management involved
    ・Conducting trainings to explain the promotion of diversity to management
    ・Exchanging opinions with executives at regional branches
Creating better career paths for women
  • Expanding the choice of roles for women
  • Offering ruond-table discussions and career development seminars for female employees
  • Publication of career development support materials and individual consultation
Supporting the balancing of work and family life
  • Hosting work-family life balance support seminars
  • Creating and distributing a work and child-rearing or nursing care support guide
  • Making available a workplace environment in which both men and women can continue their careers with assurance even while taking on the tasks of housework and childcare
Current state
Percentage of female employees

Number of female employees in management

(Note) These charts compare FY2007, the year that female empowerment initiatives started at Kyushu Electric Power, with the state of affairs in the previous year.

Reference: Basic employee data (For the fiscal year or end of the fiscal year)
  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of employees 12,829 12,281 12,049
Male (%) 11,791 people(91.9%) 11,234 people(91.5%) 11,004 people(91.3%)
Female (%) 1,038 people(8.1%) 1,047 people(8.5%) 1,045 people(8.7%)
Number of people in management 4,684 4,667 4,664
Male (%) 4,567 people(97.5%) 4,544 people(97.4%) 4,537 people(97.3%)
Female (%) 117 people(2.5%) 123 people(2.6%) 127 people(2.7%)
Number hired 259 people 305 people 275 people
Male (%) 219 people(84.6%) 248 people(81.3%) 232 people(84.3%)
Female (%) 40 people(15.4%) 57 people(18.7%) 43 people(15.7%)
Average age (Note) 44.0 years-old 43.6 years-old 43.7 years-old
Male 44.5 years-old 44.1 years-old 44.2 years-old
Female 38.4 years-old 38.1 years-old 38.0 years-old
Average years of continuous employment (Note) 23.7 years 23.7 years 23.7 years
Male 24.2 years 24.2 years 24.3 years
Female 18.0 years 17.5 years 17.4 years
Number of labor union members 8,658people 8,568 people 8,368 people

(Note) Does not include executive officer(s) .