Our mission

Kyushu Electric Power's mission

"Enlighten Our Future"

Towards a comfortable and environment-friendly lifestyle today and for generations to come.

To fulfill this mission, we are dedicated to achieving the following four goals:

1.Steady and reliable, environment-friendly energy.

In order for our customers to lead harmonious lives we will provide steady and reliable, environment-friendly energy, while anticipating global trends and making full use of our advanced technology and abundant experience with energy and the environment.

2.Services that truly satisfy.

Customer trust is our top priority. We will listen to the various voices of our customers in order to respond to their needs with services that truly satisfy.

3.At one with Kyushu, Asia, and the world.

In company with the people of Kyushu, we will work together to take action while thinking of our children's future and of the prosperity of the region. And from there, we will look to Asia and the world.

4.Discovering solutions, and putting them into practice.

We will discover and implement solutions that lead to a better tomorrow through open, active discussions, believing in people's potential and mutually respecting personalities.