Corporate history

Major Milestones for Kyushu Electric Power

1951 Kyushu Electric Power Company is established.
1955 Japan’s first hydraulic power plant with an arch dam becomes operational. (Kamishiiba Power Station, 90MW)
1956 Kyushu Electric Power’s first coal-fired thermal power plant becomes operational. (Unit 1 at the Karita Power Station, 75MW)
1957 Thermal generation capacity exceeds hydroelectric capacity. (reverse in the proportion of thermal to hydroelectric)
220kV high-voltage transmission line becomes operational.
1960 Frequency unification within Kyushu is completed. (60Hz)
1967 Japan’s first commercial geothermal power plant becomes operational. (Otake Power Station, 11MW)
1969 Kyushu Electric Power’s first facility designed to run exclusively on heavy fuel oil becomes operational. (Oita Power Station, 250MW)
1970 The provision of electric lighting to all homes in Kyushu is completed.
1975 Kyushu Electric Power’s first nuclear power station becomes operational. (Unit 1 of Genkai Nuclear Power Station, 559MW)
Kyushu Electric Power’s first pumped-storage hydropower plant becomes operational. (Ohira Pumped-Storage Power Station, 500MW)
1980 500kV high voltage transmission line becomes operational.
1984 Kyushu Electric Power becomes the first Japanese electric utility to issue US dollar-denominated bonds.
1986 Kyushu Electric Power begins to use automatic control systems on its distribution lines.
1990 Achieves a zero outage record for work on high-and low-voltage facilities for the first time in Japan.
1991 Kyushu Electric Power’s first gas combined-cycle power plant becomes operational. (Shin-Oita Power Station Unit 1 series, 690MW)
1998 Kyushu Electric Power begins to operate Japan’s first superconducting magnetic energy storage system (SMES).
1999 Kyuden International is established to conduct energy-related businesses and consulting overseas.
2001 Start of Kyushu Electric Power’s first overseas IPP project in Mexico. (construction of a gas-combined cycle power plant)
Kyushu Electric Power’s first pressurized fluidized bed combustion power plant becomes operational. This thermal power plant is fueled by coal. (New Unit 1 of Karita Power Station, 360MW)
2002 Starts supplying gas to customers following the revised Electricity Business Act.
2005 Japan’s longest sea-bed power cable becomes operational. (53km)
2006 Japan’s first commercial geothermal binary power plant becomes operational (Hacchoubaru Binary Power Station, 2MW).
2007 Starts participation in one of the world’s largest IPP projects in Sumatra, Indonesia (construction of a geothermal power station with a total output of 330MW).
2009 Genkai Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 becomes operational. (using MOX fuel)
2015 Permanent closure of Genkai Nuclear Power Station Unit 1.
2016 World’s largest large capacity energy storage system becomes operational. (Buzen Battery Electrical Substation; output: 50MW, capacity: 300MW)
2017 Starts participation in a thermal power generation project in Pennsylvania, US.
2019 Declares the decommissioning of Genkai Nuclear Power Station Unit 2.
Establishes Kyushu Electric Power’s first overseas subsidiary in Vietnam that focuses on operating dams and hydropower plants.