Corporate governance

Basic stance on Corporate Governance

We aim to generate sustainable value for all shareholders in keeping with "Kyushu Electric Power's Mission" by engaging in operations that are socially meaningful from a long-term perspective. It is a top management priority to strengthen corporate governance to ensure that we do business properly.
As the basis for our corporate governance, our core governance structures consist of the Board of Directors and an Audit & Supervisory Committee. We believe that strengthening governance and accelerating decision-making is critical to respond to our changing operating environment more flexibly and dynamically. Consequently, in June 2018, we transitioned from an Audit and Supervisory Board model to an Audit and Supervisory Committee model.
We also established basic policies concerning the development of internal control systems to ensure the appropriateness of company business and strive for continuous enhancement of these systems.

Corporate Governance Structure (conceptual diagram)

PDF fileCorporate Governance Report[394KB]