Environment 2004

Towards an Environmentally Friendly Corporate Stance

2004 Kyushu Electric Power Environment Action Report

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all list 2,324KB
Message from the President 46KB
2004 Environment Action Report Highlights 326KB
Part1 Promotion Environmental Management

Introduces the environmental management framework that provides the basis of our environmental activities, the details of the PDCA Cycle, and the costs and benefits of the environmental activities
Environmental Management Framework 167KB
  Describes our policies and promotional scheme for environmental management, information related to activities conducted by in-company/external committees, the status of conformity to environmental regulations and emergency measures, as well as our Fiscal 2004 Environment Action Plan
Environmental Accounting 285KB
  Reports the results of environmental activity costs and benefits for fiscal 2003

Part2 Our Commitment to Environmental Activities

Describes yearly changes in environmental targets and records of our environmental activities
Records and Targets of Environmental Load 46KB
  Details records for immediate prior three years and findings compared to the prior year as well as major environmental activities-related targets for fiscal 2006
Measures for Global Environmental Issues 361KB
  Describes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the promotion of the optimal combination of nuclear power; to increase the use of renewable energy sources, including the promotion of wind and solar power generation and to encourage energy conservation, including reduction of transmission/distribution loss as well as measures for Kyoto Mechanism utilization and ozone layer protection
Establishing a Recycling-oriented Society 146KB
  Describes zero emissions and green procurement
Maintaining Harmony with the Local Environment 201KB
  Describes our environmental conservation activities, including environmental impact assessment and prevention of air, water and noise pollution; and environmental protection management,including environmental monitoring and chemical substance control
Working with Society 277KB
  Describes communication and publicity activities, including environment-related study tours; participation in a tree planting event for the Kyushu Homeland Forestation Program and volunteer activities during Environment Month
Environment-related Research and Development 192KB
  Describes research and development activities related to the prevention of global warming and water purification

Part3 Kyushu Electric Power Groups Environmental Activity Progress

1. Environmental Management Framework 48KB
2. Outline of Fiscal 2004 Environmental Activity Plan 30KB
3. Fiscal 2003 Environmental Activity Records 211KB
4. Main Steps by Kyushu Electric Power Group for Environmental Conservation 97KB
5. Business Outline of the 40 Kyushu Electric Power Group Companies 114KB

Part4 Company Profile

1. Financial Information 45KB
2. Main Offices and Facilities 206KB

Part5 Opinion from Outside the Company

Reflects the results of questionnaire for the Fiscal 2003 Kyushu Electric Power Environment Action Report and outside opinions
1. Results of the Questionnaire from the Previous Report 53KB
2. Principal Opinions of the Kyushu Electric Power Environmental Advisory Council 37KB
3. Awareness and Actions of Mothers on Environmental Issues 37KB
4. Results of the “7th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey” Conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. 46KB
5. Main Opinions from Customer Surveys 45KB
6. Items Reflecting Opinions 33KB

Review of the Environment Action Report by Third Party 59KB

Displays Report on Review Results and Third-Party Opinions about the Environment Action Report

Glossary 208KB

Explains terms contained in this report and basic environment-related words or expressions

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