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Message from the President (40KB)
Company Profile (93KB)
2005 Environment Action Report Highlights (403KB)

Part1 Promotion of Environmental Management
1. Promotion of Environmental Management (86KB)
2. Business Activities, Environmental Activity Benefits and Environmental Load (FY2004) (91KB)
3. Records and Targets of Environmental Load (50KB)
4. Environmental Accounting (50KB)
Part2 Our Commitment to Environmental Activities
1. Measures for Global Environmental Issues (294KB)
  Nuclear Power-Related Information (180KB)
2. Establishing a Recycling Society - Challenge towards "Zero Emission" (324KB)
3. Maintaining Harmony with the Local Environment (171KB)
4. Working with Society (145KB)
Part3 Environmental Management of Kyushu Electric Power Group
1. Main Businesses of Kyushu Electric Power Group (204KB)
2. Promotion of Environmental Management (70KB)
3. Progress in Environmental Activities (321KB)
Part4 Opinions on Environmental Activities
1. Results of the Questionnaire from the Previous Report (77KB)
2. Principal Opinions of the Kyushu Electric Power Environmental Advisory Council (45KB)
3. Results of Survey on Mother's Awareness and Behavior on Environmental Issues (113KB)
4. The Result of the "8th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey"conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.
-First place in the electricity and gas sector-
5. Results of Employees'Environmental Awareness Survey (29KB)
6. Items Reflecting Opinions, Evaluations and Commendations from Outside the Company (32KB)

  Independent Review of the Environment Action Report (24KB)
  Main Facilities, Main Offices, Environment and Energy related Materials (211KB)

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Glossary explains terms contained in this report and basic environment-related words or expressions.
Description of mark
Environmental terms described or defined in the attached glossary.

The photo on the front cover
Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture /Kujyukushima Covered by Fresh Green

The Kujyukushima islands are located within the Saikai National Park, which celebrated its 50th anniversary of the designation of the national park in 2005. Spanning 25 kilometers over the sea from Sasebo City to Hirado City, a cluster of 208 isles of the Kujyukushima islands create a beautiful seascape with one of the densest collection of islands in Japan. A diverse range of beautiful scenery can be enjoyed through the year and the seasons from many look-outs as well as from the Saikai Pearl Sea Resort and Kujyukushima islands cruising boats.
This ocean area is also well known as a prime location for water sports including sea kayaking and yacht sailing, and was selected as a model district for the promotion of ecotourism (by the Ministry of Environment) in 2004 to promote experience-based activities capitalizing on the rich seashore ecosystem.

This symbol mark, designed after a four-leaf clover, represents the four business areas in which Kyushu Electric Power Group is engaged: general energy business, information and telecommunications, environment and recycling, and lifestyle services. The "e"stem signifies energy and ecology. The mark expresses the stance the group takes in the promotion of environmental activities in its overall business activities.
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