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Environment 2000

Towerds an Environmentally Friendly Corporate Stance
Fiscal 2000 Kyushu Electric Environment Action Report
This report is not published as a booklet.Please print out if necessary.


I Environmental Management
1. Environment Action Plan
2. Driving Force Organization
II Major Environmental Indicators
Major Environmental Indicators
III Promotion of Environment Action Plan
1. Prevention of Global Warming
[Greenhouse gas emissions and our basic policy to counter these gases]
(1) Development and use of nuclear power
(2) Effective use of energy
(3) Development and introduction of new energy
(4) Research and development
2. Maintain Harmony with the Local Environment
(1) Prevention of air, water and noise pollution
(2) Environmental monitoring
(3) Pollutants
(4) Environmental assessment
3. Advancement of Resource Saving and Recycling
(1) Industrial waste
(2) General waste
4. Working with Society
(1) Participation in local activities
(2) International cooperation
(3) Raising employee awareness
(4) Communication
IV Business Outline - as of March 31,2000
Business Outline - as of March 31,2000
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