Choosing your electricity plan

Residential lighting B

How the plan works

Residential plan for customers who are not using much electricity and are looking for one-year contracts.

  • Price per kilowatt is calculated by how much electricity you use (tier system). See the diagram below for more info.
  • You can select the contract ampere rate (from 10 to 60 amperes) according to your electricity usage.
  • Payment methods include direct debit, credit card, and by payment voucher in convenience stores and banking institutions. Customers paying by direct debit will receive a discount of 54 yen per month.

Classification Unit Rate (yen; tax included)
Base charge For every 10 amperes 1 contract 297.00
Energy rate charge Up to 120kWh 1kWh 17.46
Between 120kWh and 300kWh 1kWh 23.06
Over 300kWh 1kWh 26.06
Minimum monthly charge (fixed) 1 contract 314.79