Choosing your electricity plan

Residential lighting time of use

How the plan works

  • Electricity prices are lower during nighttime, on the weekends and during specific holidays.
  • Regarding nighttime, there are three different timeslots to choose from.
    1. 9 pm to 7 am of the following day
    2. 10 pm to 8 am of the following day
    3. 11 pm to 9 am of the following day
For customers with electric water heaters

Please contact us when considering option 1 or 3, because the settings of your electric water heater might cause you to use electricity during midday, which causes your energy costs to increase.

  • Electricity prices are lower in spring and autumn than in summer and winter.
Classification Unit Rate (yen; tax included)
Base charge 10kW or less 1 contract 1,650.00
Above 10kW Up to 15kW 1 contract 4,400.00
When above 15kW 1kW 550.00
Energy rate charge Weekday midday Summer, winter 1kWh 26.84
Spring, autumn 1kWh 23.95
Weekend midday Summer, winter 1kWh 21.22
Spring, autumn 1kWh 17.82
Nighttime 1kWh 13.21

・Contract demand is determined by the customer’s usage history.
・Holidays are Saturday, Sunday, December 30 and 31, January 2 and 3, April 30 - May 2. Weekdays are defined as days other than “holidays”.
・“Midday” is defined as times other than “nighttime”.
・“Spring and autumn” are the periods from March 1 to June 30 and October 1 to November 30. “Summer and winter” are defined as times of the year other than spring and autumn.
・Direct debit discount (discount of 55 yen per month) is not applicable.