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Integrated Report FY2023

Editorial Policy 456KB
Chapter 1. Overview of the Kyuden Group

Business Snapshot of the Kyuden Group 304KB

Promotion of Sustainability Management 316KB

Management Vision 2030 / Carbon Neutral Vision 2050 154KB

Materiality 139KB
Chapter 2. Value Creation Story

Message from the President 3,005KB

History of the Kyuden Group 73KB

Value Creation Process 172KB

Strengths and Related Capital 102KB
Chapter 3. Strategy and Performance

Working to Achieve Our Management Vision 2030 100KB

Progress toward Our Financial Objectives and Management Targets (Environmental Targets) 41KB

Medium-term Management Plan 36KB

Toward Sustainable Enhancement of Corporate Value 148KB

Strategies by Business


  • Growth Businesses
    • Renewable Energy Business
    • Overseas Business
    • ICT Service Business
    • Urban Development Business
Chapter 4. Creating Value through Business

Growth through Achieving Carbon Neutrality 175KB

Leading the Way toward a Decarbonized Society
  • Lowering the Carbon Intensity of and Decarbonizing Energy Sources
  • Promotion of Electrification
  • Promotion of Energy Conservation
  • Energy Policy Recommendations and Involvement
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact
  • Disclosure Based on the TNFD Recommendations (Beta Version)
  • Initiatives Based on the TCFD Recommendations

Implementing Continuous Improvements in Energy Services
  • Stable Supply of Energy
  • Affordable Energy
  • Solutions Based Around Energy Services

Co-creating a Smart and Vibrant Society
  • Realizing a Smart Society
  • Creating Safe, Secure and Comfortable Spaces to Live
  • Regional Vitalization
Chapter 5. Foundation for Creating Value

Further Strengthening Human Capital Management 52KB

Promoting Growth, Success, and Diversity of Human Capital
  • Promotion of Value Co-Creation and Innovation
  • Securing and Developing Human Capital
  • Promotion of (DX) Digital Transformation
  • Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Prioritization of Health and Safety

Strengthening Governance
  • Improving Effectiveness of Corporate Governance
  • Overview of the Dialogue between External Directors and Investors
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Strengthening Risk Management System
  • Strengthening Supply Chain Management
  • Ensuring Information Security
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter 6. Data Section

Consolidated Eleven-year Financial Summary 39KB

Non-financial Data 90KB

Financial and Non-financial Highlights 141KB

Consolidated Financial Statements 801KB


Frequently Asked Questions (IR FAQ) 35KB

External Assessments and Participation in Initiatives, etc. 247KB

Corporate Data 155KB
On the Publication of the Kyuden Group Integrated Report 2023 116KB

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