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Integrated Report FY2021

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In November 2021, we formulated the "Action Plan to Achieve Carbon Neutrality".

PDF fileKyuden Group Action Plan to Achieve Carbon Neutrality[1,771KB]


Kyuden Group's Mission 136KB

Table of Contents 162KB

Editorial Policy 264KB

Snapshot of Kyushu 127KB

Financial and Non-financial Highlights 80KB

History of the Kyuden Group 207KB
Value Creation Story

Message from the President 754KB

Value Creation Process 128KB

Business Model 561KB

Feature: Challenge of Reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2050 Updated:January 2022 303KB
Strategy and Performance

Working to Achieve Kyuden Group Management Vision 2030 Updated:January 2022 1,432KB

Domestic Electricity Business 1,470KB

Growth Businesses
  • Renewable Energy Business
  • Overseas Business
  • ICT Service Business
  • Urban Development Business
A Foundation for Creating Value

Promotion of Sustainability 557KB

Environment Updated:January 2022
  • Initiatives Based on the TCFD Recommendations
  • Environmental Management
  • Development of Zero-emission Activities for Waste Materials
  • Water Resources

  • Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Pursuit of Safety
  • Solving Local and Social Issues

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security
  • Compliance
  • Members of the Board of Directors(Kyushu Electric Power)
  • Messages from External Directors

SASB INDEX Updated:January 2022 882KB

Consolidated Eleven-year Financial Summary 473KB

Management Discussion and Analysis 490KB

Consolidated Balance Sheet 437KB

Consolidated Statement of Operations/ Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 436KB

Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 433KB

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 437KB

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements 438KB


Overview of Power Generation Facilities 432KB

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies 427KB

Corporate Data 467KB

On the Publishing Kyuden Group Integrated Report 2021 94KB

The printing and publication of the booklet has not been done.
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